Gear up to 530+ ilvl in no time and you are back on track!

If you just activated your account or if you have some alts that you want to gear up, then follow this simple guide below and you are back on track in no time!

Upper Blackrock Spire Loot

You can enter this dungoen through the dungeon finder. These bosses drp 550 ilvl gear.



Commander Tharbek

Quest rewards in Blasted Lands

So, when you log you will be asked to help in blasted lands and that’s where the Quest story line starts. It’s around 20 quests in which we have to push back the iron Horde and investigate what the hell is going on.

 Invader's Scarlet Seal,  Portal-Breaker's Band,  Blackstone Signet,  Ruby-Eye Seal,  Sapphire Seal.

 Skulltooth Collar,  Necklace of Celerity,  Gnawing Tooth,  Emberfury Choker,  Chain of Evasion

 Wildfire Windcloak,  Butcher's Wrap,  Night Prowler's Cloak,  Armswake Greatcloak,  Frostshaper Cape

 Talisman of the Invader,  Bloodcaster's Charm,  Bladespike Charm,  Ironmender's Totem,  Bloodburn Protector.

Burden of Eternity from Timeless Isle

At Timesless Isle, in Ordon Sanctuary there is a chest that give 100% drop of   Burden of Eternity. You can use the Burden of Eternity only on the raw, "unopened" BoA versions of Timeless armors (except trinket). 


Shadow Pan assult reputation gear

If you dont have reputation with Shadow Pan Assuslt you can still buy the necklace 522 ilvl with no rep requirement. If you have reputation then buy all that you can from them.


You can fill up the rest of your gear with Timeless isle gear (469 ilvl). Do the quests there and loot all small and big chests on the way and you will have the gear in no time.


Hallow´s End - starts 18/10

Que up on Headless Horseman and get the 540 ring that drops from him. You can do that dungeon over and over until you get it .

3 Nov 2014