5 new Megadungeon Trinkets in patch 10.1.5

There are 5 trinkets added to the new Megadungeon coming in patch 10.1.5. The ilvl on them are not correct according to Blizzzard. They did not mention what ilvl it will be on them yet. 

These 5 trinkets are:

  • Accelerating Sandglass
  • Echoing Tyrstone
  • Time-Thief´s Gambit
  • Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows
  • Prophetic Stonescales

Accelerating Sandglass

This is a Strenght/Agility trinket that gives your abilities a chance to proc haste and dmg. 

Echoing Tyrstone

This is a healing trinket that is an "on use" effect. 
When using this trinket, you will activate a Tyrstone that records how much you heal for the next 10 seconds. This Tyrstone is now saved until an ally falls down to 35% health, then the Tyrstone spawns and heals that ally for the same amount that it copied your healing during those 10 seconds. 

Time-Thief´s Gambit

This is an intellect trinket that is an "on-use" trinket. It will increaswe your haste for 15 sec and trigger a Paradox 2 min after. This Paradox till freeze you in time so that you cannot cast or move for 5 sec. 
You can delay the paradox or remove the Paradox completely by killing enemies and major enemies. 

Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows

This trinket is for everyone, it got all 3 primary stats. It is an "on-use" trinket. 
A copy of you will cast random abilities for 20 sec and give you very high secondary stat. THe stat is based on what your highest secondary stat is. 

Prophetic Stonescales

This is a tanking trinket. When you take deadly dmg, instead of dying, you will get back health based on how much you lost the previous 10 sec before you died. Also, for the coming 12 sec, enemies do 20% reduved dmg on you AND you get a very high haste buff. 


22 Jun 2023