11.0 WoW "Leak" - Shadows of the Void

In an unexpected turn of events, rumors have surfaced regarding the next World of Warcraft expansion: "Shadows of the Void." This leaked information suggests a dark and mysterious journey into uncharted territories, where ancient powers threaten to engulf Azeroth in eternal darkness.

Storyline: "Shadows of the Void" unveils the resurgence of the Void Lords, ancient beings of immense power from the depths of the Twisting Nether. Fueled by their insatiable hunger for void energy, they have set their sights on Azeroth, seeking to unleash chaos and consume all life in their path. The heroes of Azeroth must rally together to face this newfound threat and prevent the world from being consumed by darkness.

New Zones

The expansion introduces a host of new zones, each brimming with eerie landscapes and foreboding atmosphere. Players will venture into the Veiled Expanse, a twisted realm where the boundaries between reality and the void are blurred. They will also explore the Shadowed Forest, a haunting woodland where the trees whisper secrets and shadows come alive.

Additionally, players will journey to the shattered remnants of the Lost City of Xal'hal, a once-great civilization now consumed by the void. Here, they will uncover ancient artifacts and confront corrupted beings that serve the Void Lords' malevolent agenda.

New Races

"Shadows of the Void" introduces two new playable races. The first is the Voidborn, individuals who have embraced the power of the void and seek to harness its energy for the greater good. These shadowy beings possess unique abilities that allow them to manipulate the void and wield its power against their enemies.

The second new race is the Lumina, ethereal creatures born of pure light. These radiant beings have emerged from the realm of the naaru to aid in the battle against the encroaching darkness. With their radiant powers and a deep connection to the Light, they serve as beacons of hope amidst the looming shadows.

New Features

To combat the rising threat, players will gain access to new mechanics and features. The expansion introduces the Voidforging system, allowing players to infuse their weapons and armor with the essence of the void. This grants them powerful bonuses and unique effects, empowering them to stand against the darkness.

Additionally, players will be able to undertake Void Rifts, challenging instances where they must navigate treacherous void-infused environments, overcome twisted enemies, and ultimately face off against powerful Void Lord lieutenants. These encounters will test their skill and coordination, rewarding them with valuable loot and artifacts.


Disclaimer: This is all bullshit

10 Oct 2023