100 Tanaan Jungle Tooth q - Fastest way

Probably you have taken this daily quest and not completed it fully and the next day you wonder if you should just abandon it and take a new one for that day.

Well, I have 2 good news.

  • This daily quest has now been changed in a way that you can still have this quest while getting a new one the day after without completing or abandoning the Tooth quest.
  • There is a perfect grinding area that goes so much faster than any place in Tanaan Jungle.

Head to the area between The Iron Front and Zeth´gol (see map). Here there are several wildlife to choose from and the majority are the Wakkaling´s. These creatures do little dmg, they die fast and you can pick up several at once and nuke. Also, each mob drops 2-3 q items.

Why should you do this quest? Well, the rewards are 100 Blackfang Claws and 1500 reputation with the Saberstalkers


17 Jul 2015