10 THINGS you can PREP for 10.1.7

  1. Profession -  Inscription
    The Ritual of the New Moon is an inscription technique that can be acquired by looting special mobs, specifically those in Silverbrook located in Northrend. Once you have learned this technique and crafted it, you will receive one of the following items at random: Rituals of the New Moon - a giant red wolf, - a giant white wolf, - a giant grey wolf, or - a giant black wolf. By using these items, you will unlock the Achievement called "Best Stellar". This achievement grants you the toy called the Compendium of the New Moon, which has the ability to transform you into a magnificent giant wolf. You can already now craft this and get ready to use or sell on the auction house. You can also already now grab materials for crafting it and sell it on the action house at the beginning of 10.1.7 to earn more gold, since the price will most likely go up.

  2. Profession - Engineering
    Five achievements with rewards added to engineering. Each achievement is tied to an expansion. If you craft the head pieces needed for an achievement, you will get all those pieces as transmogs for any character. Before, you only got to use the transmog tied to a type of gear (leather, plate, cloth, mail). As an engineer, you should definitely get the mats and be ready to craft it in 10.1.7.

  3. Neltharion's Legacy Achievement to get the Ambrosial Sporestone that pimps up your cavern delver gear set. You can complete all parts of this achievement except one which is a Dreamsurge event task.

  4. Get alt(s) to 58. You get up to 75% more experience in  Dragon Isles Event zone. Or have level 70 char(s) ready to get geared up.

  5. Undead Character that is at least level 50, for the Heritage armor questline.

  6. Night Elf Character that is at least level 50, for the Heritage armor questline.

  7. Draenei seems to have a questline tied to them only where they will unlock Draenei customization. Doesn't say what level is required.

  8. To enter the Megadungeon you need to be ilvl 375. The Heroic dungeon is really good, not only for getting gear, but also a very fast way to get material for upgrading gear (Flightstones/Whelpling Crests). But remember that you can get gear very fast from the Dreamsurge event.

  9. There is a buff in the Dreamsurge event that gives you 50% more reputation. If you open up items that reward reputation when you are in the Dreamsurge event with the reputation buff up, you will get the extra reputation. All different items that rewards reputation works, even the timewalking rep tokens. Save up the ones you get and open them during the event with that buff up instead and get more reputation. You can also combine it with the Darkmoon Faire, which is up the first week of the 10.1.7 patch.

  10. We are getting a new questline tied to Tyr. It's may be required that you have completed the previous Tyr quests in order to unlock this questline. But that is a maybe,. 
28 Aug 2023