A new pirate vessel has emerged near Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale (/way 34.40, 84.76). This mysterious vessel was discovered in the 10.1 (found by DarkScream), the boat and its crew were introduced in patch 10.1 under the veil of anonymity, their true identities hidden from eager adventurers. Today, they proudly bear their real names.

This level 70 pirate ship harbors a crew of Kul Tiran pirates, including the formidable Seaspray Blaster, Dreadcut Corsair, and the human crew cleaners, Grubby Deckhand. However, the most notable figure among them is the ship's captain, the fierce Kul Tiran known as Captain Grub Redcut.

The crew's dialogue paints a vivid picture of their ruthless nature.

All crewmembers have following quotes 

  • Grubby Deckhand says: Intruder! Throw 'em overboard. 
  • Grubby Deckhand says: May Tentulos devour you... 
  • Grubby Deckhand says: This is our ship now! 
  • Grubby Deckhand says: To the depths I go... 
  • Grubby Deckhand says: You're not one of us! 

The captain has following quotes: 

  • Captain Grub Redcut says: Argh! Are you here for my treasure, bootlicking swine? 
  • Captain Grub Redcut says: The Great Sea take me... 

Tiraguard Sound Pirates - Irontide pirates

Notably, these pirates, hailing from Tiragard Sound, bear a striking resemblance to the feared Irontide pirates of the region, their attire and demeanor mirroring that of their notorious counterparts. The presence of the phrase "May Tentulos devour you..." is particularly intriguing, as Tentulos is a rare sea creature elite mob lurking in the waters near Boralus in Tiragard Sound, the capital and largest city of the island kingdom of Kul Tiras.

Siege of Boralus Dungeon

Moreover, the Siege of Boralus, a dungeon introduced in patch 10.1, chronicles the harrowing attack on Boralus by Priscilla Ashvane's treacherous Trading Company, in league with the infamous Irontide Raiders pirates and the city's gangs. Jaina Proudmoore's heroic intervention and the summoning back of the Kul Tiran fleet ultimately saved the city from its impending doom. The dungeon's altered map in the "World of Warcraft" database hints at intriguing future developments, promising new tales of daring escapades and perilous encounters on the high seas.


Shoutout to Toolock for helping gathering this info.

18 Feb 2024