Guide: How and where to get Felblight 6.2



Players fishing from Felmouth Frenzy Schools also have a chance to fish up Felblight.


Withered Herbs harvested in Tanaan Jungle have a chance to drop any Draenor herb, including Felblight.


Players have a chance to find Felblight while mining from nodes in Tanaan Jungle.


Players have a chance to find Felblight while skinning creatures in Tanaan Jungle.

World Boss - Supreme Lord Kazzak

The new World boss has been dropping Felblights (around 10) on the PTR. Dont know yet how it will be when 6.2 comes live. And since I´m telling you about this world boss, I can add that he also drops 695 ilvl gear. 

For now, this means that you will NOT get Felblight from your mine and herbs in your Garrison.


7 Jun 2015

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