Patch 7.2: Obliterum

Upgrade your crafted items to 875

Obliterum is an item you can get at max level.
It is used to increase the power level of your crafted armor (not Relics according to wowdev but it worked on beta and will probably be changed). So if you have crafted an armor with an ilvl of 815 and then apply Obliterum on that, it becomes 820.

You can increase the crafted item with Obliterum with 5 ilvl every time you apply it.

850->855 (in patch 7.1.0)
855->860 (in patch 7.1.5)
855->865 (in patch 7.1.5)
865->870 (in patch 7.2)
870->875 (in patch 7.2)

Maximum ilvl on upgrading your crafted ilvl with Obliterum is 875, meaning that you can apply Obliterum on a crafted armor 12 times.

No Questline completion needed in patch 7.2

In patch 7.2, the pre-quests are removed for making an Obliterum Forge.
Instead, you can almost start using the Obliterum Forge directly

  • Travel to Dalaran in The Violet Citadel.
  • Take the quest “Firing up the Forge” from Archmage Kartain inside the Violet Citadel
  • Travel to Magus Commerce Exchange area in Dalaran (see map below).
  • Click on the forge
  • Place the Item you got from the quest (Archmage Karalins Imbued Silkweave Robe) and obliterate it.
  • Completing this quest will reward you 100 Obliterum Ashes which are used to make one Obliterum. One Obliterum upgrades 5 ilvls of a crafted armor. FOr more information regarding Obliterum see my guide here


1 Feb 2017

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