Patch 7.2 - Guide: Build constructions on the Broken Shore

You can build constructions in the Broken Shore that give specific assets.  
In order to build the different buildings, you need to

  • Complete the scenario “Assault on Broken Shore”.

  • Complete the quest: Legion Supplies which you get after the scenario.
    This quest requires you to obtain 100 Legion War Supplies.
    You obtain the supplies by completing world quests in Broken Shore.
    Each WQ in Broken Shore, rewards 25 supplies.
    Note: The other zones in Broken Isles do not reward Legion War Supplies.

    You also obtain War Supplies by killing rare spawns, which gives around 15 war supplies (loot).

  • This will unlock the starting point if building constructions.
    Seems that players contribute to build these constructions so it will be available for everyone.
    When you click on the “Building Contribution Table” near the Flightmaster in Deliverance Point in Broken Shore, a tab comes up.

    There are 3 different constructions (Mage Tower, Command Center and Nether Disruptor).

    Each time you contribute, you need to give 100 War Supplies (this also rewards a chache). 

    There is a bar under each construction tab that shows how far the process of building has reached.
    Also, when you open your map over the Broken Isles, there is a flag over the Broken Shore that also shows how far the building process has reached in percentage.


Order Hall Mission for Legion War Supplies

You can also get Legionfall War Supplies through your mission board. Sending followers on these missions rewards 15 war supplies and you can get 50 extra through the Bonus roll. 


The different Buildings and their assets


Mage Tower

Harness arcane energies to quickly move Legionfall forces throughout Broken Isles and uncover challenging agents of the Legion.

This has 2 traits which unlocks when this building is active:

  • Fel Treasures

    Completing construction of the Mage Tower provides you with access to
    - Artifact Challenges
    The Council of Six provide access to a series of unique challanges, allowing worthy heroes to test their might and skill.
    - Veiled Wyrmtoungue Chests
    The power of the Mage Tower pulses across the Broken Shore, reveiling the lucrative Veiled Wyrmtoungue Chests.
    - Portals
    The Kirin Tor provide access to portals which can be used to move quickly around the Broken Isles. 

  • Reputable

    Increase reputation gains with the Armies of Legionfall by 30%. 

Nether Disruptor

Harness arcane energies to quickly move Legionfall forces throughout the Broken Isles and uncover challenging agents of the Legion.

  • Epic Hunter

    Completing construction of the Nether Disruptor provides you with access to
    - World Bosses
    The energy from the Nether Disruptor draws the most powerful enemies to the Broken Shore.
    - Unstable Portals
    The energy from the Nether Disruptor causes Unstable Nether Portals to appear across the Broken Shore. Activate them to summon dangerous foes.
    - Armorcrafter Commendations
    Artisans of the highest level will receive commendations for their efforts, allowing them to craft the most Legendary items of items. 

  • Reinforced Reins

    Allows you to interact with objects while mounted.

Command Center

A fortified base of operations for Order Hall leaders to gather and plan their attacks across the Broken Shore.

This has 2 traits which unlocks when this building is active:

  • Forces of the Order

    Completing construction of the Command Center provides you with access to
    - Cathedral World quests
    With command established, efforts can be focused on assaulting the Cathedral of Eternal Night. 
    - Legion Reinforcements
    Commanders of Legionfall are provided with additional support throughout the Broken Isles. 
    -Mission Challenge
    Send worthy champions on a challenging but lucrative mission deep into the heart of the Broken Shore. 

  • War Effort
    Increase all primary stats by 10% while in less challenging areas of the Broken Shore.


The Building is available for at least 3 days 

When a construction is completed, it will be available for 3 days. 
New thing added: Seems it gets attacked after 3 days and you have to defend it. 
During this time, you will have a buff that shows what the building gives for benefit.
You can see the time/progress on building by scrolling out to the map over Broken shore and mouseover the flag.



What Building you should start with


The best building to contribute War Supplies for is the Mage Tower.

  • Because you will get 30% extra reputation gain with The Armies of Legionfall. This is needed to earn flying in Legion. For Flying in Legion Guide, please visit my guide here.
  • Because you will get to access the unique challenges which I believe rewards the new Artifact weapon appearance.

For players that wants to start crafting Legendary items, you need to upgrade the Nether Disruptor.



3 Feb 2017

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