Legion Protection Paladin Talent Spec and tips

Stat priority

1) Versatility

2) Haste

2) Mastery

3) Crit

Raid / Single boss Fights

Level 15) Holy Shield

Level 30) Bastion on Light

Level 45) Binding Light

Level 60) Retribution Aura

Level 75) Final Stand

Level 90) Aegis of Light

Level 100) Seraphim

Dungeon / Questing / AoE Fights

Level 15) Blessed Hammer/Consecrated Hammer

Level 30) Crusaders Judgement

Level 45) Binding Light

Level 60) Retribution Aura

Level 75) Final Stand

Level 90) Consecrated Ground

Level 100) Seraphim

Tip 1 – Max up and reset

Use Seraphim when having 3 Shield of the Righteous, use the third Shield of he Righteous then reset it with Bastion of Light to gain 3 new charges. 

Tip 2 – Healing up

If you want a bigger heal, use following macro:

/cast Consecration

/cast Avenging Wrath

/cast Light of the Protector

In this way you will boost up your Light of the Protector (LoP) heal with Consecration and Avenging Wrath. 

Tip 3 – 100% Defense

If you want a greater defend, use following macro:

/cast Eye of Tyr

/cast Argent Defender

/cast Shield of the Righteous

In this way you will first increase your defense by 25 % with Eye of Tyr and add additional 20% with Argent Defender. With Shield of the Righteous, you will add even more defense (depending on your mastery), which will defend attacks up to 100%.

Tip 4 – Behind me!

A defense macro that will defend players behind you and yourself even more.

/cast Eye of Tyr

/cast Shield of the Righteous

/cast Aegis of Light

The main reason for this action is to protect your party/raid with Aegis of Light. But since you are channeling it, you need some more protection on you while you are doing it. Therefore, Eye of Tyr and Shield of the Righteous will do the trick.


18 Jul 2016

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