Legion Mythic plus Guide

You set a dungeon on Mythic difficulty and enter the dungeon through the dungeon entrance (not Dungeon Finder). Meaning, you need to gather a premade party of 5 yourself or join a party. Best way to find or create one is via the Group Finder in game and click on Premade Groups/Dungeons.

When entering the Mythic Dungeon, you will see a Challenger’s Pedestal. This pole regulates the Mythic plus. If you leave it alone it will be a regular Mythic run. Think of Mythic plus as an upgraded version of Challenge mode.

Completing a Regular Mythic dungeon will reward you with a key. This key will let you do the same Mythic dungeon on level 2 difficulty (1+). 

When completing the mythic 1+ (2nd difficulty) in a certain time, your keystone will upgrade to next level, which is level 3 (+2) and so on and so forth. Each dungeon has its own time point to be able to upgrade your keystone.


How does Mythic plus difficulty work

For each keystone, the difficulty change so that all enemies will increase their health and damage by 9%.

At certain levels, affixes will be implemented. Affixes are extra buffs on enemies and debuffs on players to make it harder. These affixes will not be the same all the time. Instead, the affixes will change every weekly reset.

At the moment, there are 10 Affixes. When reaching level 7 they will come in pairs.

At level 4 (+3 Keystone)

Bolstering - Non-boss enemies will buff nearby allies' health and damage when defeated.

Raging - Non-boss enemies will enrage at low health, dealing double damage until killed.

Sanguine – Shortly after death, non-boss enemies will leave a pool of blood on the ground, which grows to a 5yd radius over 2 seconds. This pool heals enemies and damages players for a % of their maximum health.

Teeming - Additional non-boss enemies are present throughout the dungeon; kill count requirement increased.

At level 7 (+8 Keystone)

Decay - All players suffer damage over time while the challenge is active.

Necrotic - Enemy melee attacks apply a stacking debuff that deals damage and reduces healing received.

Skittish - Tanks generate much less threat.

Volcanic - Enemies cause eruptions of flame beneath the feet of distant players.

At level 10 (+9 Keystone)

Fortified - Non-bosses have significantly more health and damage

Tyrannical - Bosses have significantly more health and damage.


Level                 Mythic mode Extra Affixes Health and damage
increase (approx) 
Level 1   +0 No  
Level 2 +1 Keystone No 8%
Level 3   +2 Keystone No 17%
Level 4   +3 Keystone Yes (1 Affix) 26%
Level 5   +4 Keystone No 36%
Level 6   +5 Keystone No 45%
Level 7   +6 Keystone Yes (2 Affixes) 59%
Level 8   +7 Keystone No 71%
Level 9   +8 Keystone No 85%
Level 10   +9 Keystone Yes (3 Affixes) 100%


How does the loot system on Mythic plus work

The gear in mythic plus is 845 with the chance of getting titanforged/Warforged/gemmed gear. This loot is not from bosses (from level 2), it is from a chest in the end of the dungeon. 

You get between 1-3 chests at the end of a run depending you how fast you completed it (no chest if you didn´t complete in time). 

The main reward from mythic dungeons is the weekly chest you get.

Weekly chest reward

At every weekly reset, you will get a chest in your class order hall that contains a gear item reflecting the highest Mythic level you completed during the prior week, up to a maximum of item level 880 for a successful Mythic Level 10 clear.

                                                             From Dungeon        From Weekly Chest

Level 1              Regular Mythic                840 ilvl                  

Level 2              +1 Keystone                   845 ilvl                  850 ilvl

Level 3              +2 Keystone                   845 ilvl                  855 ilvl

Level 4              +3 Keystone                   850 ilvl                  860 ilvl

Level 5              +4 Keystone                   850 ilvl                  865 ilvl

Level 6              +5 Keystone                   855 ilvl                  865 ilvl

Level 7              +6 Keystone                   855 ilvl                  870 ilvl 

Level 8              +7 Keystone                   860 ilvl                  870 ilvl

Level 9              +8 Keystone                   860 ilvl                  875 ilvl

Level 10            +9 Keystone                   865 ilvl                  880 ilvl

Level 11            +10 Keystone                 870 ilvl                  880 ilvl


If you complete a mythic plus dungeon but not in time

If you have a keystone on you (depleted or not) you will not get another one at the end of the dungeon.

If you complete a mythic plus dungeon in time

You will get a keystone that is one level higher than the level you completed (if you used your keystone).

If you didnt use your keystone, it will not get upgraded.

Will I get 100% loot at the end of the dungeon

The minimum amount of chests is 1 at the end of the dungeon. 
The faster you complete a dungeon the more chests you get in the end of the dungeon. 
Each chest contains 2 gear items. 

Mythic plus Timers on Dungeons and chest rewards


Max time for completion

Max Time for 2 chests award

Max time for 3 chests award

Black Rook Hold


30m 24s

22m 48s

Court of Stars




Darkheart Thicket




Eye of Azshara




Halls of Valor




Maw of Souls


19m 12s

14m 24s

Neltharion's Lair


26m 24s

19m 48s

The Arcway




Vault of the Wardens


26m 24s

19m 48s

A good addon to use that will show the timers while doing the mythic plus dungeons is called GottaGoFast

Latest news/Updates/changes regarding Mythic plus

From Wow Home page 20160914

Mythic Keystone Rewards

While creatures do not drop loot normally during a Mythic Keystone run, upon completion of the run, players will find a chest containing two high-quality items for the party. The base item level of these rewards starts at item level 845 for Mythic Level 2, and goes all the way up to item level 865 for a Mythic Level 10.

Please note: the end-of-dungeon reward quality will be capped at a base item level of 850 during the first week of the feature’s availibility, with the full range of rewards unlocking once Mythic raids have opened the following week.

Like most end-game loot in Legion, these items also have a chance to be Warforged or Titanforged, allowing them to potentially scale all the way up to item level 895.

After completing any Mythic Keystone dungeon within the time limit (whether using your own Keystone or someone else’s), a reward chest will be available in your Class Hall the following week. That chest contains a guaranteed piece of gear with a power level reflecting the highest Mythic level you completed during the prior week, up to a maximum of item level 880 for a successful Mythic Level 10 clear. It will also contain a new Mythic Keystone for you, which allows you to jump right back into your weekly Mythic dungeon adventures.


From Wow Home page 20161003

We’re deploying a hotfix as soon as possible that will change some of the contents of the chests at the end of Mythic Keystone dungeon runs:

    • The Artifact Power contained in Challenger’s Cache awarded for completing a given difficulty will now contain increasing amounts of Artifact Power depending on the difficulty cleared.
    • Prior to the hotfix, this Cache contained 400 base (pre-Knowledge-modifier) Artifact Power. After the hotfix:
      • Mythic 2-3: 500 base Artifact Power
      • Mythic 4-6: 800 base Artifact Power
      • Mythic 7-9: 1000 base Artifact Power
      • Mythic 10+: 1200 base Artifact Power

  • At the same time, any additional (bonus) chests awarded for beating the Mythic Keystone timer by a very large amount will no longer contain any Artifact Power. They will still contain items of the appropriate power level, as before.
  • All Challenger’s Caches will now also contain gold.

The bonus chests you receive when you dominate a dungeon so thoroughly that your Keystone upgrades multiple times are intended to make sure that you don’t miss out on loot. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a mistake to blow away the timer. However, Artifact Power is available in nearly every type of endgame content, so your other reward for going faster is time saved, and that time could be spent pursuing more Artifact Power from its many other sources.

These changes are aimed at aligning the efficiency of the different tiers of difficulty, so that a well-geared group of dungeon experts is rewarded more for tackling a high-level Mythic dungeon, rather than incentivized to stomp an entry-level dungeon.



So what is the max level on Mythic plus?

At the moment (20170207) a team composition of Holy Paladin, Blood DK, Fire Mage, Arms Warrior and Havoc DH completed Mythic +25, Vault of the Wardens. 


Mythic plus in patch 7.2

Three dungeons are coming out on mythic plus

  • The Cathedral of Eternal Night
  • Lower Karazhan
  • Upper Karazhan

New affixes coming out:

  • Bursting (Level 4 (+3 Keystone))
    Non-boss enemies explode when they die, causing all players to suffer 10% of their maximum health in damage over 4 seconds. This effect stacks. 

  • Fel Explosives (Level 4 (+3 Keystone))
    While in combat, enemies periodically summon an Explosive Orb that will explode if not destroyed. 

  • Quaking (Level 7 (+8 Keystone))
    Periodically, players will Quake, inflicting damage and interrupting nearby allies. 

  • Grievous (Level 7 (+8 Keystone))
    While below 90% health, players are afflicted with Grievous Wound.
    This debuff stacks.
    Grievous Wound: Suffering 4% of a maximum health every 3 seconds. 
    You will bleed until healed past 90% of your maximum health. 

One affix is removed:

  • Overflowing





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