Gear Item levels in Legion

This is during Beta version and things may change. Will be updated over time.


Quest reward ilvls in Broken Isles

Quest rewards in Legion are based on your current level. Since the zones are scaled to your level, it doesn’t matter where you quest and level up, the gear will be scaled to your level. However, I made a list on what type ilvl you get based on your level from quest rewards:

Character Level

Common gear ilvl

Rare gear

Epic gear









































110 (World Quests)

  805+ "Scales with your ilvl
(up to 845)




Loots from Dungeons in Normal mode (700-805 ilvl)

All Normal dungeons drop loots with an ilvl of 700-805 (scales to what character level you are).
At max character level, normal dungeon loot can be warforged and titanforged. First I thought titanforged only dropped at max level dungeons, but it dropped from Violet hold as well, which is a 105-110 dungeon. 

Normal Rare Titanforged: seen up to 825 (+20)
Normal Epic Titanforged: seen up to 840 (+35)

Item levels from Dungeon rewards based on Character level

Character level               Item loot ilvl

100                               700 ilvl

101                               710 ilvl

                                                 102                               720 ilvl                                                 

103                               730 ilvl

104                               740 ilvl

105                               750 ilvl

106                               760 ilvl

107                               770 ilvl

108                               780 ilvl

109                               790 ilvl

110                               805+ ilvl

Loots from Dungeons in Heroic mode (825 ilvl)

All Heroic dungeons drop loots with an ilvl of 825.
However, there is a chance that it can be Warforged/gem socket/Titanrofged as well.

Heroic Rare Titanforged: 830 ilvl
Heroic Epic Titanforged: 865 ilvl

Loots from Dungeons in Myhic mode (840 ilvl)

All Mythic dungeons (exvept Karazhan) drop loots with an ilvl of 840.
However, there is a chance that it can be Warforged/gem/Titanforged as well.

A 5 man dungeon with 9 bosses drops 855+ ilvl gear

Loots from Dungeons in Mythic+ (plus) mode

The gear in mythic plus is 845 with the chance of getting titanforged/Warforged/gemmed gear. This loot is not from bosses (from level 2), it is from a chest in the end of the dungeon. 

You get between 1-3 chests at the end of a run depending you how fast you completed it (no chest if you didn´t complete in time). 

The main reward from mythic dungeons is the weekly chest you get.

Weekly chest reward

At every weekly reset, you will get a chest in your class order hall that contains a gear item reflecting the highest Mythic level you completed during the prior week, up to a maximum of item level 880 for a successful Mythic Level 10 clear.

                                                             From Dungeon        From Weekly Chest

Level 1              Regular Mythic                840 ilvl                  

Level 2              +1 Keystone                   845 ilvl                  850 ilvl

Level 3              +2 Keystone                   845 ilvl                  855 ilvl

Level 4              +3 Keystone                   850 ilvl                  860 ilvl

Level 5              +4 Keystone                   850 ilvl                  865 ilvl

Level 6              +5 Keystone                   855 ilvl                  865 ilvl

Level 7              +6 Keystone                   855 ilvl                  870 ilvl 

Level 8              +7 Keystone                   860 ilvl                  870 ilvl

Level 9              +8 Keystone                   860 ilvl                  875 ilvl

Level 10            +9 Keystone                   865 ilvl                  880 ilvl

Level 11            +10 Keystone                 870 ilvl                  880 ilvl

Loots from Raids

Broken Isles, 11 World bosses:

All 11 world bosses have loot with an ilvl of 860.

The Emerald Nightmare
This Raid does NOT drop Tier gear.

LFR                          835 ilvl
Normal                     850 ilvl
Heroic                      865 ilvl
Mythic                      880 ilvl

Trial of Valor
This Raid does NOT drop Tier gear.

LFR                          845 ilvl (Helya 850 ilvl)
Normal                     860 ilvl (Helya 865 ilvl)
Heroic                      875 ilvl (Helya 880 ilvl)
Mythic                      890 ilvl (Helya 895 ilvl)

The Nighthold
The Nighthold Raid drops Tier 19 gear.

Raid Finder

855-865+ ilvl


870-880+ ilvl


885-895+ ilvl


900-910+ ilvl

Relic item levels


The ilvl of your Artifact weapon increases when you add Relics on it. You can totally add 3 Relics on your Artifact weapon. You start with two and the third unlocks when completing your class order campaign.

You do NOT increase the ilvl of your Artifact weapon when leveling your character.

Starting ilvl on Artifact weapon is 750.

Questing and World Drop

+2-28 ilvl (depending on character lvl)

Normal Dungeon 

+12 ilvl

Heroic Dungeon

+36 ilvl

Mythic Dungeon 

+40 ilvl

Raid Finder - The Emerald Nightmare

+39 ilvl

Normal - The Emerald Nightmare 

+43 ilvl

Heroic - The Emerald Nightmare

+48 ilvl

Mythic - The Emerald Nightmare 

+52 ilvl

Normal - Trial of Valor

+45 ilvl

Heroic - Trial of Valor

+49 ilvl

Mythic - Trial of Valor

+53 ilvl

Raid Finder – The Nighthold

+39 ilvl

Normal – The Nighthold

+51 ilvl

Heroic – The Nighthold 

+55 ilvl

Mythic – The Nighthold 

+59 ilvl



Professions Crafting Gear

Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking
Can craft two armor sets (Leatherworking can craft 4, 2 Leather and 2 Mail).

Armor set 1
Is Rare quality with an ilvl of 715-785.

Armor set 2
Is Epic quality with an ilvl of 815.


Can craft Darkmoon Faire trinkets with an ilvl of 815.
Can craft a trinket that gives critical strike with an ilvl of 770.


Can craft rings with ilvl 715 and 815. 
Can craft necks with ilvl 765, 785, and 815.


Can craft a trinket (Infernal Alchemist Stone) with an ilvl of 815.


Can craft helm armor (Cloth/Plate/Mail/Leather) with 715 ilvl and 815 ilvl.

Upgrade Crafting Items to 865 ilvl

You can upgrade a full Profession crafting set up to 865 ilvl. This can be done by upgrading your crafted gear with Obliterum. Check my guide here regarding Obliterum.


Class Hall Armor tier (810-840 ilvl)

Head – 810 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks when hitting lvl 110.

Wrist – 810  ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after recruiting 6 Champions for your Order Hall.

Hands – 820 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after reaching Honored with Nightfallen

Legs – 820 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after defeating the final boss of 8 Legion dungeons, on any difficulty.

Feet – 830 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after reaching Revered with 2 Broken Isles reputations.

Chest – 830 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after you complete your Class Order Campaign.

Waist – 840 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after earning 100 000 Artifact Power

Shoulder – 850 ilvl (costs 500g)
Unlocks after reaching exalted with Nightfallen

Upgrade Armor Kit – 810 to 820 (costs 1000 Order Resources)
Unlocks after reaching Honored with Nightfallen, costs 5000 Order Resources to buy it.

Upgrade Armor Kit – 820 to 830 (costs 3000 Order Resources)
Unlocks after defeating the final boss of every Legion Dungeon, on any difficulty. Costs 10 000 Order Resources to buy it.

Upgrade Armor Kit – 730 to 840 (costs 6000 Order Resources)
Unlocks after reaching Exalted with the Nightfallen, costs 15 000 Order Resources to buy it.

Legendary Items: ilvl 895 (905 Patch 7.1.5)

Legendary items in Legion are random world drops that have very powerful effects and can modify abilities.

Legendary items are BoP.

You can only equip one Legendary item at the start of Legion expansion but that will increase later on as the expansion progresses.

You can find all the Legendary items for your character on the Loot tab in the Dungeon Journal.

How to get legendary items in Legion?

At the moment, there are no target specific areas to grind for certain legendary items, but that will change later in the expansion. Legendary items can come from:

  • World Quests
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Raid Bosses
  • PvP Strongboxes

More difficult content has a higher chance of dropping legendary items.

The chance of getting a legendary items is by start pure luck and the longer you´ve gone without getting one of these legendary items, the better are your odds of getting them. So you actually get one eventually.

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29 May 2016

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