Guide: Island Expedition

General information

  • This is for level 120 players.
  • This is a 3 player scenario. You can choose what class you want (3 tanks, 3 healers etc) 
  • The goal of an Island Expedition is to collect Azerite
  • The first team to 6000 Azerite wins.
  • A group of NPCs (or other players if you choose pvp) from the opposing faction will also be present, competing with you for the Azerite.
  • Many things on the Island reward Azerite: chests, Azerite crystals, powerful creatures, friendly NPCs in need of aid, killing enemy NPCs, and more.
  • The island have different outcomes every time with different small mobs and harder mobs. Not always the same.
    Also, the buffs you get from shrines will differ and will sometimes be even cursed.
  • You’ll find things you can interact with, scattered all across the Island to help you.

The different difficulties

You complete objectives and race against advanced 3 AI opponents to see who gets it first.
These are called champions. 

This will be in 4 difficulties

  • Normal
  • Heroic
  • Mythic
  • PvP

Where do I que up for Island Expedition


can queue from the Expedition table in Boralus Harbor, near the Tradewinds Market. Look for the green ship occupying the second slip. 



Can queue from the Expedition table in Zuldazar Harbor, at the Port of Zandalar, on the west side. Look for the red ship.




25 Mar 2018

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