Farm/Grind Artifact Power in Battle for Azeroth at Max level

There are various ways to get that Artifact Power and similar to Legion, you get them from the similar ways. But also, in BFA, you get them from the new content gameplay as well.

Remember that these numbers are in Beta. The numbers might change but the amount compared to each other will most likely be the same.


World Quests

When you hit max level (120) you will find World Quests when opening your map. Mouseover on a world quest will give you information on what it rewards. Travel to that location and you start/activate the quest automatically. You must unlock World Quest and you can check my guide here that helps you how. Completing a world quest that rewards Artifact power will reward between 200-300 Artifact power.

Emissary Quest

On the bottom left corner on your map you will see emissary quest. An emissary quest is a reputation faction leader that wants you to complete 4 quests (3 for Tortollan) that are tied to that reputation faction. Clicking on an emissary icon will take you to the location where those quests are. Each Emissary quest will be available for three days. The Emissary quest reward is reputation for that certain faction, 400 Artifact power, and a specific reward. This specific reward can be gold, gear or 500 Artifact Power.  

World Boss

These bosses are tied to the World quest. There are several world bosses in BFA but only one world boss available each week. However, an extra world boss will be available when you have won warfronts and have access to Arathi Highlands. Killing a world boss rewards 650 Artifact Power.

Rare Mob

These are enemies that have a silver/grey dragon above their icon. These are harder to kill and the difficulty can vary a lot. These mobs are all over the BFA content. You will see an arrow pointing to a direction when you are close, and a chest on the map when it is in the area of your mini map. Killing and looting a rare mob rewards 20 Artifact Power.


There are tremendous number of hidden chests spread out all over the BFA content. The best way to spot them is to look at your minimap. You will see an arrow pointing to a direction when you are close, and a chest on the map when it is in the area of your mini map. These do not reward artifact power, but I believe that will change.


World Boss 650
Emissary completion
Emissary Reward
World Quest  200-300
Rare Mob   20 
Chest 0

Dungeons and Raids


Daily Random Heroic Dungeon 300
killing a Heroic Dungeon boss                          killing a Heroic Dungeon End boss      35
killing a Normal Dungeon boss  
killing a Normal Dungeon End boss   


Daily Random Battleground  255
Daily Random Epic Battleground   255
Daily Arena Skirmish       105

Island Expedition                                                       

Azerite Gathered in Island
40 000 (around 7 runs) Reward 
Normal mode win    125? (got 300)
Heroic Mode win   175? (got 300)
Mythic mode win      250
PvP mode win     250
7 Jul 2018

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