All that comes in Patch 7.3.5

This page will be updated regularly once 7.3.5 is on PTR.

There will be many changes in this patch, that are also a bridge between 7.0 and 8.0 expansion.


New Timewalking Raid: Ulduar

The epic raid that took place during wrath of the Lich King expansion will be our 2nd Timewalking Raid.


New Level Scaling

All dungeon loot will scale to your level until you hit level 90.

All zones in the classic expansion will have a level scaling, meaning that you will actually do the quests you got from a zone before you are too high level.
Several zones will also start at a lower level.

  • Low level zones scales 1-40
  • Mid-level zones scales 40-60
  • Outland zone scales from 60-80
  • Northrend scales from 60-80
  • Cataclysm zone scales from 80-90.
  • Pandaria zone scales from 80-90.


New Battleground

A new battleground will be implemented, called Seething Shore.
This battleground takes place in Silithus and is tied to the new expansion.
Horde and Alliance will descend upon Silithus to battle over the Azerite bubbling to the surface.

This Battleground has a dynamic control point gameplay.
Imagine Arathi Basin, if there were multiple possible flag locations that are active randomly at a given time. This will be the same but it will be crystals.
Each of those crystals on the map is a potential point where Azerite infusion can occur.
There are 3 active at a given time.
Our job is to claim them when they are active.


6 Nov 2017

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