10.2 - How to get the Druid of the Flame Transmog

We previously made a post on the hidden transmog, the druids of the flame. Here are the step to step guide on how get it. 


Reach Renown 20 on that character.

Complete the first 4 chapters of the Storyline. 

Step 1)

Catch the pet Leyhart. 

To catch it, you need to pet battle it then catch it during the pet battle. 

Theere is one located at /way 38.01, 27.68

Step 2)

Defeat the rare "Mosa Umbramane" in /way 54-50, 36-89 (in the cave). 
Take out the pet after you defeat the rare. It will sniff out a quest item. 

This quesstline will take you to Druid of the Flame NPCs and vendor sells you druids of the flame transmogs. They are located behind the new raid, Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope, in a cave via the water. To access this cave you have to interact with an orb. 


21 Nov 2023