The New Legendaries will NOT COME OUT in 7.2.5

So much BS hype on forums and youtube about that new Legendaries are coming out in 7.2.5.

Let´s start with the FACTS

There are some sites like MMO champion and Wowhead that data mine patch builds, meaning, they extract information from data (patch data) and process it to see what new files have been added.  They list these things on their sites in a way that we can understand them.

One of the new things that came up are Legendaries, that gives a specific talent from the talents in your talent tree, meaning, you can have a total of 2 talents in a certain talent level.

Two days ago, the development team published the new stuff that came out for us to test on the public test realm (PTR). NOTHING is mentioned about the new legendaries.
I logged on the PTR to see if we could buy the new Legendaries to try them out, but no. You can´t try any single new legendary.

Taken together, what this information is telling us, is that a new type of gear is in the PTR data that looks fucking awesome, NOTHING ELSE.


Some bozos said that this will come in 7.2.5 and now all forums/youtubers/streamers/sites are going bananas.

Here is my BS 

This is why it will NOT come in 7.2.5

  • It´s not mentioned in this PTR build to try the new Legendaries.
  • Its only like TWO classes that have full information on what talents will be added in the new Legendaries.
  • 7.2.5 have been in the PTR for a long time now and loads of things have been checked and closely ready for live.
  • A lot of class balance is focused on the PTR atm.
  • It will take time to collect enough information and accept changes etc when players will actually try them on the PTR.

IF these Legendaries will be added in the 7.2.5 patch, you won´t see this patch for ages. That will also mean that 7.3 will be delayed as well.

So when will the new Legendaries come out.

The only thing we can do is to guess, nothing else. Here is my guess:

  • Tomb of Sargeras comes out june 13th (ok, maybe the week after)
  • Patch 7.2.5 will come with the raid or some week after. It will definitely come out in June, before the developers go on summer vacation.
  • Patch 7.3 will be announced on Gamescom
    - Patch 7.3 comes out in live severs in end of September/beginning of October.
    - Argus raid comes out in the end of October/beginning of November.
  • Beginning of November is Blizzcon, and that’s when they will announce the new expansion 8.0.
    Alpha/beta testing on 8.0 starts in December/January.

“You were talking about the Legendaries dude”

Ah yes, now, as you can see, there will only be like 1 month of PTR testing for 7.3. This is too little time to test the new Legendaries. That is why it is slowly implemented now in the PTR builds, and in summer we can start trying them for real in PTR, and finally it will hit live servers when patch 7.3 comes out, in September/October.


12 May 2017

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