Awesome Garrison Guide

So, what are these”Garrisons”?

Garrisons will be introduced on the new expansion Warlords of Draenor.

Garrisons are highly customizable character-specific sub-zones.

What does that mean you ask? Well basically players can arrange, construct and manage their own base (!) of operations against the Iron Horde. In this base you will build buildings that are needed for you, such as professions.

You will also have ppl (NPSs) that will join your base. And these guys will do things for you like questing, dungeons etc. Yes, for you, meaning what they find will be for you.They will also find things that will be good for themselves so they can challenge harder tasks wich gives you even better things! So, Successful missions can reward the player with epic loot and vital resources for the development of the garrison.

Hm, very interesting, what else?

Well, each garrison building offers a special purpose:

  • To improve the player's followers
  • Grant access to professions
  • Provide the player with bonuses in the rest of the game.

Buildings and followers can be customized, with every upgrade and specialization reflected in the appearance of the base. So, if you ever played the Warcraft games, this is basically it.

Sounds little complicated, I have my char to focus on

Garrisons are intended to be part of the expansion's levelling experience. Garrisons are also integrated with the expansion zones and gameplay.

So the same time you are leveling, the same time you learn about garrison and building it up!

Cool! Let’s get started with some pro gameplay Garrison guides!

I’ve put the guides in different categories so it will be easier to understand and also navigate.